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Maintenance, Repairs, Upgrades and Improvements / Replacement tyres.
« Last post by jackb on June 21, 2017, 02:41:23 PM »
Hi all. I am a new and inexperienced member.
I bought my Hesketh at the auction in 84. Minutes cj had the bike in fir modification and service but very few miles are on the clock, 1600 in fact. I have recently had a complete service carried out along with mot.
The tyres are original. Bike has been kept in heated garage and covered all of it's life and us running quite well though running a bit rich I think and suffers some misfiring. Main thing at the moment is my need fir advice on replacing tyres, type, make, spec etc. I would really appreciate any help.
So nice to. Eva me to talk to experienced enthusiasts.
Thanks, Jack.
Events List 2016 - 2017 / Re: SOCIAL UPDATE JUNE 17
« Last post by Scott on June 07, 2017, 11:52:56 AM »
HOC Member,
Forthcoming Club activity for the HOC’s 35th Anniversary!   
It was great to see those who came along to see us on the HOC stand at Stafford.  Many thanks to Peter and Claire’s for their artistic flair and efforts which meant the stand was well worth a look, but also recognition must go to Terry and Dora, and the others for assisting with the stand set and running.  Dave Hartell and myself had an eventful 1500 mile around the country visiting our most North, South, East and West Members – more of that in a future SOCK!

As you’ll be well aware, this year will be a socially busy one! Hopefully, there will be something for everyone in the Social Calendar listed below.  However, please let me know if there is anything else you’d like to do or know of anything that will of interest to Club Members…   
Daventry Motorcycle Festival – 10th June
Due to the connections with the town, this festival will recognize the Hesketh’s anniversary year; therefore, maximum members’ participation would be most welcome. The event starts at 1000, with between 300-500 bikes to ride in, but I’d appreciate Members and their Heskeths to be at the town centre for 0930 to ensure the bikes are set up in the HOC’s gazebo which will be in a prime position.  Please let me know if you can attend.
HOC trip to Switzerland – 9-15th July
Another trip across the continent (in place of HOC Weekend Gathering) for the HOC to catch up with as many of our European brethren as possible but primarily to spend a couple few days in Switzerland.  The plan will be, for the group listed below, to get a midday channel crossing on the Sunday and return to the UK on the Saturday.  We will be visiting St Quentin, Heidelberg, Zurich (2 nights), Troyes and Arras. For those attending more in-depth details will be sent separately.   

Members attending:

•   Scott & Paula Greig
•   Dave & Ellie Hartell
•   Keith & Elaine Rowles
•   Nigel & Shirley Hope
•   Merv & Linda Matthews
•   Colin Evans & Jan
•   Wout Hammer

Silverstone Classic – 28-30th July (cancelled for) the HOC
Bentley Drivers Club – 5th August 

Once again we’ve been invited to this superb event at Silverstone by the Bentley Drivers Club.  Free Tickets will be given to those Members who will be attending on their Heskeths or tickets can be bought as required. Names to me please
Annual Rally (Towcester) – 8-10th September

Although Towcester will feature heavily in the weekend’s schedule due to the club’s historical connections to the town, we’ll be staying near Silverstone for the Annual Rally; however, it also happens to be the same weekend as the British Super Bike event at the circuit; therefore, I strongly advise that whether you’re camping or B&Bing that book your accommodation asap.


For those camping we’ll be at Whittlebury Park.  We’re allowed to be all in one area and we’ll set up the HOC Marquee (it’s a free for all on the day so we’ll need to coordinate between us); however, you’ll need to book directly with Whittlebury Park on this:

To get the right date, the Event is: 17D British Super Bikes 2017 then add you’re details and payment as required.

Whittlebury Park
Nr. Towcester,
NN12 8WP
Telephone: 01327 850 000


Due to its proximity to Wittlebury Park, the Premier Inn, Silverstone (behind the Green Man Pub on A43) is idea but again you will need to book eraly to secure a good price and a room!  Failing that, there are other B&Bs available locally.

Premier Inn Booking - 0871 527 8976

The Green Man Inn,
Brackley Hatch,
NN13 5TX
01280 850209

Piston & Props, Sywell Aerodrome, Northampton – 22-24th September
Stafford – 14-15th October
Factory visit (tbd) - November
I’m currently  working through a few of options.  Please keep an eye on these updates for more information.
These are just some of forthcoming social activities so please keep an eye on your emails/SOCK/HOC website for details.  As I’ve mentioned previously, the HOC is reliant on participating Members to perhaps help organize, or bring to our attention, something in your area that would be of interest to others, or just a general offer of assistance at one of the Club’s activities
Hesketh-Related Chat / Re: Sprag Clutches.
« Last post by Scott on June 07, 2017, 11:45:41 AM »
Not at all... always worth having a spare on the bike as you never know! I worked on the premise that if I had one I not need it - that didn't really work!  Therefore, you can never have enough.
Maintenance, Repairs, Upgrades and Improvements / Ignition systems
« Last post by Hobbes64 on June 02, 2017, 01:43:41 PM »
Hi, are any ignition systems available for the V1000 1982
Thanks Regards chris
Hesketh-Related Chat / Sprag Clutches.
« Last post by REMF on May 19, 2017, 10:04:00 AM »
Renold have contacted me to inform me that there will be a minimum order of £150 as of 1st June 2017
I purchased a couple of sprags from them last year, the unit cost was £46.72 + VAT so it looks like a minimum order of three from now on.
Can one ever have too many sprag clutches?

Hi, I have a running issue with the Hesketh using a GILL ignition module and pick up.
The bike was running perfect for about 40 miles and then just lost power, almost like running out of fuel but the tank was full.
I had the bike recovered and checked it over,there is a good supply of fuel to the carbs which were checked and cleaned about 100 miles ago as the bike had been standing for a while. There was no sign of dirt or water in the carbs. There is a spark, but on checking the timing it is very retarded at low RPM and does not advance at all
I've contacted GILL but they are not very helpfull
I've replaced all the other electrical bits, plugs, caps, coils
Has anyone else experienced this and if so what was the cure
Regards Chris
Requests for Help and (Hopefully) Answers / Re: Big End Bearing Shells
« Last post by Dave Snr on April 20, 2017, 08:56:09 AM »
Just to tidy up this post, for anyone looking for big end shells in the future.
The Hesketh V1000 and Vampire use Vandervell big end shells, part number VP6502 for a nominal crank pin diameter of 54.000mm.

Unfortunately this does not help Dave S as he is building the Hesketh Vulcan which uniquely has a long stroke crank to take the capacity out to 1200cc and he has now found that the crank pins are a different diameter. Keep searching Dave.

Dave H
Requests for Help and (Hopefully) Answers / Big End Bearing Shells
« Last post by David S on April 03, 2017, 02:02:50 PM »
The crank I plan to use on my project bike needs the journals to be reground (20thou probably).

My trusted engineering company is struggling to find shells to suit. Can anybody help with a brand and part number?

Requests for Help and (Hopefully) Answers / Re: Hesketh V1000 MkII Rear Brake Disc
« Last post by Miti on February 11, 2017, 06:22:13 PM »
Hi David;

If you're using the Tiger 955i wheel and hub, the original disc was 310 mm and you'll be aware that Mick had the front discs on the Vulcan made specially (Spondon..?)  I think those specials were 305 mm..?

Anyway...  There is a really useful online resource here:  EBC Motorcycle Brake Catalogue

The Triumph discs are scattered through the lists as EBC sort the catalogue by their own part numbers (For example the Tiger 310 mm discs are MD601LS/RS and the rear is an 'RS')

But...  I couldn't find ANY 260 mm Triumph fitments...  There are 250 mm and 255 mm discs and plenty of 310 mm listings...

Are you sure Mick didn't have bespoke rears made too..?

Hope that helps

Requests for Help and (Hopefully) Answers / Hesketh V1000 MkII Rear Brake Disc
« Last post by David S on February 07, 2017, 06:08:47 PM »
For those lucky enough to own a V1000 with the Triumph based suspension and brakes upgrade I'd appreciate your help.

I want to get hold of a rear brake disc. I believe it to be 260mm diameter.

Can anyone provide me with some form of identification for the part, svp.

Here's a pic to help.

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