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Title: Exhaust Front Pipes
Post by: Ray on April 20, 2021, 04:35:27 PM
Good Afternoon, Everyone.

I've had my V1000 for a few years now and have recently had the need to remove the exhaust system to do various work and can find no exhaust seals on the front pipes where they go into the heads. I was expecting to see copper/asbestos-type O rings so are mine missing or do the pipes just stuff in there with a bit of sealer? I used ordinary universal silicone sealer and it appears to be doing the job at the moment. A parts diagram would be helpful so does such a thing exist?

Also, I have need of a new battery as I've just nailed on a small Yuasa off a Laverda Montjuic, as a temporary measure, and it's struggling to turn the big V twin over.  Are there any recommendations or is it like asking for advice on engine oil?

Cheers, Ray, in Sunny South Norfolk
Title: Re: Exhaust Front Pipes
Post by: Dave Snr on April 22, 2021, 04:02:36 PM
Hi Ray,

Yes, there should be some copper/composite rings to seal the exhaust pipes into the heads. 46mm od, same as fitted to lots of jap bikes, so about £2 each on Ebay.

Batteries - you're right lots of options. I ran a series of Varta 530/30 lead/acid batteries which each lasted about 5 years. Tight fit under the frame and to the side cover. Changed to an AGM battery as used on BMW boxers - Westco 12V20P which has the advantage of much better starting current - 275 cca for the Westco and 180cca for the Varta. The Westco is smaller so fits under the frame easier and you'll need a mask to hold it central to the tray and stop it sliding about. I made one from 6mm rubber sheet. Had mine on for 4 years and it's worked very well and a couple of other members are now using the same battery. Plenty of other AGM batteries to choose from and they are of course sealed so no topping up needed.

Hope that helps,
Title: Re: Exhaust Front Pipes
Post by: Ray on April 23, 2021, 08:31:31 AM
Thank you, Dave, - I'll chase up some exhaust seals, as Laverda ones that I have hanging on a nail are a bit smaller diameter.

I bought a couple of those expensive, black AGM batteries, the name escapes me, to try out when I got the Hesketh several years ago, the other one for my Laverda Corsa, and one of the batteries got unreliable a few weeks after the warranty expired. The remaining one I used to swap around between bikes as needed but that, too, didn't last long. I also got through three on a Hinckley Tiger so I sort of lost faith in expensive batteries and now have a cheap one on the Tiger which has been ok for a couple of years. Batteries are fine if left on one bike and used regularly but they don't like standing around if I forget to take a lead off.

I mourn the passing of the old lead/acid jobbies that just needed a bit of water now and again - they did the job! A cheap Reliant van battery seemed to fit most of my big old bikes that were blessed with a starter button.