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Title: Rear Paddock Stand
Post by: Chris R on January 28, 2014, 09:58:38 AM
Need to get one of these to get the back wheel off the ground and free - one handed - to do some work. I can't use centre stand. I have seen a number for sale, but would appreciate any views from members on what they have used and would recommend or not.
Title: Re: Rear Paddock Stand
Post by: Miti on January 28, 2014, 12:14:56 PM
Hi Chris.

I've seen and used paddock stands at both ends of various motorcycles but using them "single handed" is something I just wouldn't recommend. :-\

"Standard Practise" appears to be to chock the bike up on its sidestand, so that it's as close to vertical as possible, then the front brake is normally held on - normally by a less than glamorous assistant, but this could be pulled on and wrapped with a handy strip of old inner tube. Then the paddock stand is introduced to whichever end needs to be lifted.

At this point, the need for an assistant usually becomes abundantly clear... ::)

It's near impossible to get the bike to lift up cleanly and there is usually a bit of "wobbling about" involved before the bike is held aloft in a stable fashion...  The Hesketh is quite a top-heavy machine and I suspect this wobbling would be quite severe... :-\

That said, the most stable results appear to be had when the bike and stand are matched to each other (purpose built lifting points and matching clamps).  The universal ones are a bloomin' nightmare and often damage the point(s) of contact twixt stand and machine...  Would you be modifying the bike to include such lifting points..?

I own a Micron paddock stand (big red thing) which has castors for ease of use and tubular fittings to allow interchangeable lifting points to be fitted... I'd be happy to sell it on if you're interested... ;D

Title: Re: Rear Paddock Stand
Post by: Miti on May 17, 2015, 12:31:48 PM
Sorry about the delay in responding on this...  But better late than never, eh..?

I've been using my Micron paddock stand for a few weeks now... Fits a treat with the exhausts off...

(http://iloapp.empressmcc.org.uk/data/_gallery/public/11/143124893186287600_resized.jpg) (http://iloapp.empressmcc.org.uk/data/_gallery/public/11/143124892964313200_resized.jpg)

Also fits a treat with shorty silencers...



Wouldn't fit at all with the standard silencers fitted...

Hope that helps

Title: Re: Rear Paddock Stand
Post by: Scott on May 19, 2015, 02:59:08 PM
Hi Jeff/Chris... 

Not used a stand on mine as yet but looks very useful.  Moreover, your [Jeff] bike is coming on very well!  Much left to do?

Title: Re: Rear Paddock Stand
Post by: Miti on May 19, 2015, 07:17:29 PM
Hi Scott...  Thanks  :D

Details of the rebuild on this thread (http://www.heskethownersclub.org.uk/HOCSMF/index.php?topic=162.msg654#msg654)...

Re-built the LHS handlebar switch last night... RHS planned for tonight...  They were both looking very tatty and I've stripped them and had the shells powder coated... Then I've had to clean the powder coat out of the legends (where possible) and paint-in the legend lettering... I know Hesketh used white, but I prefer the orange Suzuki went with (same switches, different bikes) so I've used that...

Should have them back on the bike tomorrow...  :)

Once the handlebar switches are on I can complete the electricals and move on to the hydraulics... I'm not fitting any more bodywork whilst there might be brake fluid flying about... :o