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Title: The use of Lego to repair ABS
Post by: REMF on June 04, 2020, 12:55:57 PM
My bike was made in 1983 and quite a lot of the ABS has gone brittle. Apparently this is called 'creep' in the trade
Take some lego bricks, put them in a glass jar and pour in Methyl Ethyl Ketone to cover them.
The bricks will melt within a couple of hours and you are looking for a thick slurry - not a liquid.
I used it as a filler. The rear cylinder external oil feed had rubbed through the 'pocket' on the inside of the r/h side cover, the pocket that holds the tool kit. Clean it, and 'paint' on the slurry in a thin layer.  Build it up in thin layers, the MEK will partially dissolve the ABS and the melted lego will meld in with it. Build it up and sand it flat. It dries so hard that I had to use a file.
The picture shows the ABS that needs filliing. The white stuff is superglue and baking powder, another good filler.
I have used the same method to reinforce the weak parts of the shrouds.