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« on: January 24, 2016, 03:39:05 PM »
Most V1000s are over 30 years old now and some parts are starting to show that...

When I bought my bike (five years ago now) the rider footrest rubbers were really starting to show wear...  I contacted Hesketh Motorcycles and that nice Mr Sleeman gifted me a pair of brand new rubbers - Whoo-hoo..!!

Unfortunately... (and in no way meaning to sound ungrateful) these were also over 30 years old... Rubber is, of course, a perishable organic and even 'New Old Stock' rubber items, suffer degredation, even when unfitted to the bike...

After last years Spanish excursion, the NOS pair were left like this:

RHS - not too bad, but still clearly worn...

LHS - ruined..!!

So, I decided to source some nice NEW ones...  I had heard through various sources within HOC that the 'originals' were the same as some fitted to 1970's Hondas...  But which one, and which year..?

After a LOT of research, I found that they're as near as doesn't matter the same as the CB750/GL1000 rubbers fitted to '76 models...  I found a source of genuine Honda stock at a good price and ordered a boxload...

So... Here's how:

The rubbers are a tight push fit.  They might come away nicely if they're warmed up enough, but I find that a neat slit with a sharp knife does the trick every time...

Once removed, the chrome footrest shaft should be cleaned to ensure no rubber bits are adhered to it.

Then it's a simple matter of forcing the new rubber onto the square shaft.  I kept the new rubbers in the house prior to this, so they would be  warm and compliant...

It's important that no lubricant is used as if the rubber will slide on easily, it'll slide off easily too - not good.  The mallet I used to drive the rubbers fully home is a plastic 'dead-blow' type and you can hear the difference in sound when the rubber is fully on the shaft.

A couple of notes...  I found anecdotal evidence (online forums) suggesting that Honda had modified their rubbers to prevent exactly the sort of wear and damage that mine had suffered...  They're exactly the same overall dimensions as the originals and fit perfectly.  They even have the same number of grooves moulded into them, but the grooves are narrower than the originals and the rubber strips in between wider...  I suspect this is to increase their resistance to simply being 'rubbed off' the footrest...

As I mentioned earlier in this post, I bought a few of these.  I'm keeping some as spares for myself, but I have a few pairs I would be willing to pass on to HOC members.  Cost to me was (as near as doesn't matter) £15 per pair.  Contact me via the usual channels if you'd like a pair...

Hope this helps

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