Author Topic: Not sitting in the wings anymore..............  (Read 223 times)


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Not sitting in the wings anymore..............
« on: February 06, 2018, 07:45:06 PM »
New member here.  So.................... after what seems like an eternity, well since mid 80’s, I've finally managed to buy myself a V1000.  I am now the proud owner of a Kingswood V1000, KW2.  I believe this to be the one that Geoff Woodham  had from new.  It hasn't been ridden since he sold it a couple of years ago, but did start and ran like I expected it to with old fuel.  Quick check over uncovered a few fasteners that required nipping up, pump up the tyres, free off the binding brakes and off to MOT.  Broke down within 2 miles, but eventually restarted and limped to the bike shop.  Passed MOT without issue and whilst there drained fuel, new plugs and set off for home. Only managed a few hundred yards this time before same symptoms. Seemed to ‘go’ very well when it behaved.  With careful feathering of the throttle and choke I eventually made it home and immediately dropped the float bowls (had to rotate the rear carburettor body to do so) and noted the fuel looked cloudy.  Something for the weekend then...........

So this morning, tank off and drain again, whilst using a leaf blower (small one) to assist drying I noticed this flapping around in the wind.  Turns out to be 4 meters of 50mm masking tape, its adhesive turned to 'snot'.  Solvent wash, degrease and flush through and currently drying.  I wonder who the disgruntled individual was who would do such a thing.  Whilst the Dream machine paintwork on show is sublime, the underside leaves much too be desired, no primer and a severe lack of surface preparation before its token ‘blow over’.  All easily remedied but disappointing never the less.  Just awaiting the arrival of new petrol tap filters, the original nylon mesh seems to have done something to stop the aforementioned snot entering the carburettor. 
Just need all this salt off the road to enjoy further, have to make do with the BMW in the meantime.

Dave Snr

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Re: Not sitting in the wings anymore..............
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2018, 04:05:45 PM »
Hi Simon,
Welcome to the forum and the club.
That masking tape inside the tank is horrible. Wonder if it was there from when the tank was painted?
Geoff Woodhams rode the bike on our 2014 rally to the Netherlands and had trouble on the way back with oil being blown out of the engine breather. I believe when he got home that it turned out to be a damaged front piston, which Hesketh Motorcycles replaced. Maybe the bike has been running weak due to the tape/snot blocking the filters?
Couple of things to check while the tank is off.
The Monza filler cap should have a small air bleed hole in it. Pattern caps come without the hole as a lot of bikes have a separate air breather pipe, but the Hesketh doesn't, so it needs a small hole drilled in the underside to allow air into the tank. One of our members from up North called Will can tell you a story about riding his newly bought Hesketh from Hesketh Motorcycles and having it stop every 10 miles on the M25 with fuel starvation!
Second thing is to check the taps - again pattern taps are available but can have quite small holes for the fuel flow, but the Hesketh taps have holes as large as possible to give enough fuel flow. With the filter off, pull off the reserve pipe and check the size of the two holes.
Hope that helps avoid more problems.
Look forward to seeing the bike back on the road.
Dave H