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RAL number
« on: June 04, 2020, 12:27:35 PM »
The black paint on mine is RAL9005.
Does anyone know the RAL number of the gold pinstriping?
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Re: RAL number
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2020, 04:12:34 PM »
unfortunately, I don't but have had experience with getting it done.
I have had "issues" over the pinstriping, it seems some of the bodywork was not given a coat of lacquer so the pinstriping gets worn so i started by getting the front mudguard repainted on the cheap by a local car Bodyshop who did a good quality paint job but having finished said they could not get the correct gold and used a bronze colour instead, i was not a happy bunny it looked very wrong.
I then decided to bite the bullet financially and send the mudguard and rear seat unit to dream machine who I thought had done it originally and Kev there said they could repaint the bits to factory spec and it would just take a couple of months. great told them I would send them a side panel off the bike with the bits so they could match the colour and size of the pinstripe so there would be no misunderstanding, what could possibly go wrong.
I had wanted to use the Hesketh on The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride in Malaga as it is the perfect bike for the event but the bits were not ready in time (sad-faced emoji)but eventually, they turned up and I eagerly opened the box to find they had done a perfect job matching the size and colour of the pinstripes I was very happy it had not been cheap but the paint job was perfect and they had done what they had said they would do which is a rare thing nowadays.
having put the pieces back on the bike I stepped back to admire the bike and realised the newly painted bits pinstriping was slightly different from the rest of the bike, it turned out the original right-hand side panel I sent them had slightly different pin striping from the rest of the bike, I had not checked it and assumed they were all the does not bother me now and maybe one day having won the lottery i will send them every piece for them to match everything the meantime, I am enjoying riding the bike.