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« on: October 25, 2012, 07:01:24 PM »
The tank I picked up at the Stafford Show last Saturday still has it's original CEEANDESS lockable filler cap, but no key and, yes - you guessed it, it's locked..!!

I wasted a half hour trying to pick the lock myself (amazing what you can find on t'interweb) but to no avail...  So I took the whole tank to a locksmith, just across the road from work.

Turns out that the lock has an "L&F 6R" series barrel, which has 400 "differs" (there are 400 different key/lock combinations in the series...)

It also turns out that the lock barrel was quite well seized, but after soaking with penetrating oil, the locksmith was able to pick the lock, remove the barrel from the cap and identify the key number (he has a great pc-driven machine that actually identifies where the wafers should sit, and then matches the wafer pattern to the differ number - all very modern stuff...)

He then cut a new key to match and tried the lock... No problems, so he cut a second (spare) and then stamped the correct differ number onto both...

The cost of this comprehensive service..?  £15 - all in... ;D

The locksmiths can cut keys to numbers or patterns and is happy to provide a mail-order service.  They're
John MacKay & Son of Elmbank Street, Glasgow.
Tel:  0141-221-1187


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