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EN10 V1000's for sale


Rob B:
Two early EN10 V1000's for sale. One through "Wesellclassics" listed on ebay and on car&classic, complete with a video of it clattering and not detailed, or even clean. The other is through Bonhams at the Stafford sale looking nice and shiny but with even less info and no mention of whether it is a runner or not. Does anyone know the history of either of them by any chance? Thanks.

Rob B

Dave Snr:
Hi Rob,

The "wesellclassics" Hesketh is local to you, owned by a club member who has regularly used it for many years, so it's a good EN10 Hesketh. Needs cleaning, but that's easy and it does come with a full stainless steel exhaust system, still in the box.

The Bonhams hesketh does not show a reg number or frame/engine number, so I can't help with that one.

Best regards

Dave H

Rob B:
Thanks Dave,

Quite an old video then because it runs nicely now, and new Renstar rear wheel fitted with parts I supplied, along with the exhaust...

Bonhams catalogue will be available soon, hopefully with some details of the other one....

See you at Stafford hopefully.



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