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Engine Number 0055


Rob B:
Hello everyone!

Is there any info on engine number 0055, EN10+3 crankcase halves currently for sale on eBay, although nothing to say that both halves are from the same engine!

It is theoretically from a Black/Gold V1000 that left the Factory on 11th February 1982...

Many thanks,


Dave Snr:
Hi Robert,

No info on the 0055 crankcases. As you say, they are allocated to a complete bike, but there are several duplicate and triplicate engine numbers in the Hesketh production list!
You could ask the seller - I think the ebay name may be a clue.

Dave H

Rob B:
Thanks Dave

I did that and they are now on my bench at home while I try to assess what bits I still need to build a complete engine, and a bike! Remaining engine bits to find include mainshaft, layshaft, final drive shaft, spray tube, cam sprockets, chain guides, timing side cover, etc.... Otherwise I'm just about there...  :)

Chris N:
a good way of using all the engine bits you have accumulated.

Rob B:
Hi Chris, I wish!

For example, I have 120 inlet valves, 144 exhaust valves, 56 exhaust clamps, twenty pistons, 12 cylinder/liner sets, 36 oil pump gears, 12 timing chains and about a hundred various needle roller bearings of various sizes. BUT, no gearbox mainshaft, no layshaft and no idler shaft. No gear selector mechanism or drum but loads of selector forks. Some gears missing, no starter bearing plate, reduction gears or drive chain and no primary drive case or timing plate. Otherwise I've just about got it cracked!  HaHa...

Crankshaft is a shiny NOS item still in wax paper and boxed but I haven't measured it up yet, so could be scrap for all I know...

To build the complete bike I still need forks, yokes, bare wheels, front mudguard and headlight support "birdcage".

So it could take a while; in-between all the other car and bike Projects that soak up money like a sponge.

Sorry about the inheritance kids !


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